Mensaje del CEO

Dear friend and business partner



Tero Tulokas


I became acquainted with energy production as soon as I learned to walk. My father works in the energy field, and I was allowed to go to different types of energy production facilities with him. Even before I arrived at Oilon I've been harnessing, building, designing and constructing dozens of heat and power plants. That history covers all possible from household boilers, district heating and process steam plants to various power plants. Fuels have ranged from biofuels to heavy fuel oil, including diversely also different types of gases and even burnable side streams in industrial processes. That history gives me a good perspective on customer needs. In those tasks, I have also learned to know Oilon's products in practice from Junior to power plant and process burners, as well as heat pumps. 
It has been my pleasure and honor to work at Oilon for nearly ten years. Oilon has grown and gone international rapidly during that time under Eero's determinate guidance. Energy markets have also changed and diversified at unprecedented speed. It is certain that the pace of change will only accelerate in the future. In this situation, an extensive experience and good and confidential relationships with customers, owners, staff and other stakeholders are emphasized.

Thanks to the owners and Eero for trusting and choosing me for this interesting and demanding position. I am happy and excited to have this opportunity to develop Oilon with you in becoming even stronger player in energy markets.

Yours Truly,
Tero Tulokas


Oilon supplies two large water chillers to Kaupinoja district cooling plant of Tampereen Sähkölaitos. The plant, located on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, is Europe's largest district cooling plant based on lake-source cooling.  
The Big 5 Fair in Dubai, 26-29.11.2017 is the largest building event in the Middle East, attracting thousands of professionals.
Tampere's Kaupinoja district cooling plant is the largest lake-source cooling plant in Europe.




Gas natural para las empresas en Mäntsälä


En Mäntsälä, Finlandia, la transición a un sistema de calefacción más ecológico avanzó de manera significativa a finales de otoño de 2007. En aquella época, el nuevo centro de calefacción urbana de la empresa de energía eléctrica finlandesa, Mäntsälän Sähkö Ltda., se estableció en la zona de Kapuli.




La  superioridad de la combustión en lecho fluidizado

La major caldera de lecho fluidizado en operación en el mundo se encuentra en Polonia, en la planta de Lagisza, que abrió sus puertas en 2009. Los quemadores de esta caldera son de la marca Oilon. El título de la caldera más grande del mundo será trasladado a la Planta Samcheok en Corea del Sur en 2014, donde Oilon entregará 64 piezas de quemadores de arranque.