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Dear customers and partners!


Nice that you have managed to navigate your way to our website. We are pleased that our company’s environmentally-friendly solutions have gained increasing recognition on an annual basis, and that our circle of friends has grown globally. This has both encouraged and motivated us in our efforts.

Thanks to active and environmentally-aware customers, Oilon has continued to grow as a company. Growth, expansion into new markets, an increasing product range and an ever-changing world bring with them their own unique challenges.
  Oilon MD  
Living standards in emerging nations are rising and with that, different energy sources and production methods make for an interesting and opportunistic business environment. For those operating in this industry, this is a great inspiration. Together with our customers, we will always exert ourselves to come up with innovative energy solutions, in a way that our joint skills will be most effectively employed.

Product development is even more challenging than ever, if that were possible, and we have managed to implement some very interesting and fruitful solutions with our customers all over the world over the preceding year. It must also be said that it is a pleasure to be working on a par with such daring and innovative clients. The faith in the implementation of our new solutions has been unparalleled and we are extremely grateful. The success of these projects has largely been due to joint efforts and solutions to global energy needs.
From a client perspective, we could provide a complete list of projects but we will highlight just a few for now. In China, together with the Beijing district heating company, we completed a large, over 2000MW project, incorporating Low-NOx technology. All components were gas-burning, in order to avoid the use of coal-fired burners within the metropolitan area. For the first time this project incorporated our unique Ecopower technology, the use of which has contributed to a 90% reduction in electrical consumption in two, 15MW burners.

In Norway, close to the capital Oslo, we completed a noteworthy hybrid heating project, which was subsequently named after the Jevnaker municipality in which it was installed. An ice-rink was also included in the project and several buildings were heated using waste heat from refrigeration systems. The project also included a large Heat Pump system, wood-chip and bio-oil power stations, all housed within the same building. In a Kazakhstan steel works, coke-gas was utilized as part of the plant’s energy production. Previously these gases went to waste.
These projects were only recently completed but they are already having an impact in different parts of the world. Also, solar energy has supplemented many of our hybrid solutions. When a client thinks about how they could further contribute to a cleaner environment, we provide the following advice: If, in your industrial process or domestic environment there is heat, water or energy-containing gases, then it’s worth getting in touch with Oilon.

Together we can almost certainly come up with viable solutions for utilizing these sources. So please, Dear Customer and Business Partners, continue to be as active as you always have been. It is now more economically viable than ever to do so.
Best regards,  
Eero Pekkola  


We participated in the "Finnish Midsummer goes Beijing" event on June 7th in Beijing.The event was organized by the Embassy of Finland in Beijing, in honor of the Finland's 100th anniversary celebration.Here are a few pictures from this sunny event.
Oilon has signed a contract with Amec Foster Wheeler Energia Oy which will supply 299 MWe wood chips and pellets fueled circulating fluidized bed boiler to UK. Project is called TEES REP. Tees Renewable Energy Plant will be the world´s largest biomass plant generating electricity enough to power 600 000 homes and providing also heating power.
Heat pumps we have delivered to Uruguay have won awards for energy efficiency.




Natural gas for companies in Mäntsälä


In Mäntsälä, Finland, the transition towards more environmentally friendly heating advanced significantly in late autumn 2007. At that time, the new district heating center of the Finnish electric power company Mäntsälän Sähkö Oy rose in the Kapuli area.





The superiority of fluidized bed combustion

The world’s largest operating fluidized bed boiler is located in Poland in the Lagisza power plant, which opened in 2009. The burners of this boiler are Oilon’s mark. The title of the world’s largest fluidized bed boiler will move to Samcheok power plant South Korea in 2014, where Oilon will deliver 64 pcs start-up burners.



Kraftringen MAX IV Lab, Lund, Sweden

Kraftringen MAX IV Lab, Lund, Sweden

A particle accelerator provides extra heat for the neighboring residential areas.