Our heat pumps have won awards for energy efficiency in Uruguay


Heat pumps we have delivered to Uruguay have won awards for energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency award is granted annually by Energy Cabinet maintained by the Energy, Industry and Mining Ministry (ECC). Present at the award ceremony were Energy and Mining Minister Carolina Cosse, Energy, Industry and Mining Ministry's Minister of the State Guillermo Moncecchi and National Energy Curator Olga Otegui.

We delivered two P-380 heat pumps to Montevideo airport and to Lavadero Blengio wool laundry we delivered S-180 heat pump.

Montevideo's airport and Lavadero Blengio heat pumps were both selected as winners in their own categories among the 51 energy efficiency project nominees.

Our representatives MCT Esco has won the award in the past, in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014.

The markets has responded to our expectations, and heat pumps have a promising future in South America.

Montevideo airport
Photo - Copyright Montevideo airport

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