Industrial Refrigeration and Industrial Heat Pumps

Oilon Scancool Oy is one of Finland's leading suppliers of cooling plants and industrial heat pumps.

Our comprehensive service offers you turn-key solutions in all fields of refrigeration and heat pump technology, from engineering to manufacture, installation and maintenance - depending on contract.

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Topical news

Heat pumps we have delivered to Uruguay have won awards for energy efficiency.
Oilon Scancool has come up with a novel concept for enhancing energy balance in the hotel sector by replacing the conventional chillers used for central air conditioning and acclimatization using a heat pump. The concept eliminates completely need for combustion in heating water for bath, kitchen, laundry and swimming pool. On top of providing significant economy for the hotels, eliminating the use of fossil fuels contributes on reducing establishment´s direct carbon footprint, providing a sustainable option for ecologically aware travelers.
Wastewater plants start cooperation in energy savings and heat recovery
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