Scancool – cold and warm side by side


Oilon Scancool Oy was established in 1984. Today we have a quarter of a century of solid expertise in refrigeration engineering. Our area of operation covers the whole of Finland, and around the world our experts provide consultation on projects which require top-level cooling expertise.

In the 21st century Scancool has set out to develop its competence and to enhance its business basis and markets. Our solid expertise in refrigeration provides a good starting point for a new area: industrial heat pump expertise. Today the cold and the warm coexist side by side at Scancool. Scancool's move is well-timed, as EU's ambitious climate and energy objectives make great demands on the industry.

Scancool operates in an environmentally friendly way both in the cold and in the warm. In cooling plants we use an environmentally friendly technology, and businesses can save up to 80 % of their energy costs with industrial heat pumps – while reducing their carbon dioxide emissions by an equal amount!


Scancool's objectives and approach


Scancool's vision is to become Finland's leading supplier of comprehensive solutions in industrial refrigeration and heat pumps as well as a major international actor in the industrial heat pump industry. Our business idea is to provide our clients with refrigeration and heating solutions and a competent after-sales support. Our business is guided by our solid basic values: innovativeness, client-orientation, compatibility with the environment, cost-awareness and reliability.