Oilon's responsibility policy

 Quality policy


Oilon’s quality and corporate responsibility policy



Our corporate vision encapsulates our corporate responsibility policy: we provide our customers with sustainable energy solutions.

Central to all our operations is our commitment to continuous improvement of responsible corporate action. We carry our responsibility by taking economic, social and environmental aspects into consideration in our decision making process. By continuous improvement of operations and quality we aim to add positive environmental effects and to be able to better meet our constituents’ expectations.

Our operations are profitable and take into consideration environmental aspects and social responsibility. We sell and market our products worldwide, abiding by all local legislation. We also monitor local legislation for any changes.

Financial responsibility

  • For us, financial responsibility is providing added benefit to our constituents and the surrounding society.

  • Our operations are profitable, competitive, and financially sound. We base our operations on good customer satisfaction and high motivation of our staff.

  • A good financial result is a basis for social responsibility and is a prerequisite for us to be able to meet our social and environmental responsibilities.



Environmental responsibility

  • According to our mission we aim to provide our customers with high efficiency and environmentally friendly energy solutions for sustainable development.

  • Improving energy and resource efficiency as well as lowering the emission level of our products even further is the most important starting point for our environmental responsibility. 

  • We develop solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable development. We also train end users and service personnel to reduce environmental impact and improve operational safety.

  • Developing heating equipment based on renewable energy sources is one of our most important goals.

Social responsibility

  • We are a reliable and valued partner who ensures the welfare and satisfaction of its constituents.

  • We are committed to transparent and honest communication with our customers and other constituents.

  • Our skilled and motivated personnel is key to carrying out our social responsibility.

  • As an actor in the energy industry field we make sure that our products meet all quality and safety standards as well as our customers’ expectations.

We accept the challenge to participate in the development towards a sustainable society. As a family-run business in the second generation already, it is important to us that future generations will also be able to enjoy a clean and natural environment.





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Oilon supplies two large water chillers to Kaupinoja district cooling plant of Tampereen Sähkölaitos. The plant, located on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, is Europe's largest district cooling plant based on lake-source cooling.  
The Big 5 Fair in Dubai, 26-29.11.2017 is the largest building event in the Middle East, attracting thousands of professionals.
Tampere's Kaupinoja district cooling plant is the largest lake-source cooling plant in Europe.




Natural gas for companies in Mäntsälä


In Mäntsälä, Finland, the transition towards more environmentally friendly heating advanced significantly in late autumn 2007. At that time, the new district heating center of the Finnish electric power company Mäntsälän Sähkö Oy rose in the Kapuli area.





The superiority of fluidized bed combustion

The world’s largest operating fluidized bed boiler is located in Poland in the Lagisza power plant, which opened in 2009. The burners of this boiler are Oilon’s mark. The title of the world’s largest fluidized bed boiler will move to Samcheok power plant South Korea in 2014, where Oilon will deliver 64 pcs start-up burners.



Kraftringen MAX IV Lab, Lund, Sweden

Kraftringen MAX IV Lab, Lund, Sweden

A particle accelerator provides extra heat for the neighboring residential areas.