Burner automation

Oilon has a long experience in designing and manufacturing Burner Management Systems (BMS) to combustion processes.

BMS of Oilon utilize optimized controls ensuring the right sequence and fine-tuned timing. Consequently, the optimized performance of the combustion means high efficiency and low emissions.

For typical solutions there are standard BMS packages available and for each specific requirement customized systems are worked out. The extent of the system is to be agreed case by case. BMS can be based on Programmable Logic Control (PLC), electronic compound regulator or control relay system. Safety and availability are in important role while designing and realizing an automation system. The right safety level and the need for redundant system will be determined to meet the requirements of the whole process. Every BMS is factory tested (FAT) to guarantee smooth and fast start-up of the combustion system in the plant.



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