Auxiliary equipment


Correctly dimensioned and designed auxiliary equipment is essential to guarantee optimal performance of the burner.

The right instruments, piping materials and process values are chosen on the basis of our long experience. All the equipment is assembled and tested at factory and includes the necessary wiring and instrument piping.

Valve units for natural gas
 Valve units for natural gas 

Filtering, measuring and control unit is normally individual for each burner. The multi-burner installations, however, can be provided with a common unit for all burners or burner groups.



Valve units for process gases   Valve units for process gases
The nature and amount of process gases vary considerably depending on the process in question. Corrosive gases, demanding conditions and surroundings etc. are taken into account.
 Valve units for oils and other liquid fuels   Valve units for oils and other liquid fuels
Valve units of several burners can be assembled into one common rack. It is also possible to combine different fuels into one unit.
 Oil pumping units   Oil pumping units
The pumping units include filtering, pumping and pre-heating functions, according to the need. In critical applications pumping unit is realized with two identical lines to reach excellent availability. In case of high viscosity, the fuel will be heated up to the correct viscosity by means of steam or hot water. For the cold start-up of the plant the pumping units can be equipped with electrical heat exchanger.