Power plant and process burners

3 - 300 MMBtu/h

We deliver power plant and process burners for a variety of applications to all over the world. We also handle the delivery of complete combustion systems and provide you with valve units, pumping stations and Burner Management Systems (BMS).

Visible benefits for your business

We have half a century of experience with burners, their auxiliary equipment and product development. Our R&D focuses on high efficiency, reliable performance, environmental friendliness and low emissions of the burners. Ideal and safe operation of the combustion process is based on properly planned and delivered automation. Thus we guarantee the optimal performance and reliability of the plant – and create significant benefits for our customers.

A reliable international partner

We deliver equipment to all continents. Our cooperation network enables us to take into account each country’s laws and regulations as well as existing standards. In addition, our experts pay attention to requirements in the plant’s environmental permit when designing plant equipment and processes.

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