Pumping units

HotBoxHotBox inside


Filters, pumps and preheaters inside isolated unit.


Ensure trouble-free operation of your oil burner with correctly designed pumping unit. The unit takes care of rough filtering and preheating of oil, and is equipped with extra accessories, it can also take care of the right temperature and pressure of the oil. Oil filters with large filtering area improve operation safety and reduce need of service. They can be opened and cleaned easily. The units have welded plate heat exchanger, where the plates are made of corrugated, acid-proof steel.

Oilon Hot Box pumping unit has dual-lines for both filtering and pumping. By using this construction, a trouble-free heavy oil circulation is secured. Oil is heated up to the correct temperature by means of hot water or steam or partly electricity. Hot Box standard units are manufactured with a heating capacity of 500 – 2000 kg/h. Oilon also produces units with larger capacity or specially equipped units according to customer requirements

The units in R series are meant to be used mainly in oil heating plants equipped with pressure atomizing burners. In addition to the units in R series we manufacture units, where the heat exchanger operates with low or high-pressure steam. Units for higher output we manufacture according to customer’s desires.

Oilon Hotbox - Pumping and preheating units