Range of applications

Kiinteistöt Heating Applications
One family houses
Bungalows, larger dwellings, hospitals and hotels
District heating plants 

Maanviljely Agriculture
Grain, grass, rice and fodder drying
Tea drying
Sterilisation of raw material

Kasvihuoneet Green Houses
Heating of premises and soil
CO2 production

Metalliteollisuus Metal Industry
Lacquer drying
Smelting ovens
Paint ovens
Galvanising and electroplating

Ruoka-aineteollisuus Food industry
Bakery ovens
Steam boilers in breweries
Spray dryers

Tekstiiliteollisuus Textile Industry
Cleaning and ironing
Drying of fabric and yarn

Lasi- ja keramiikkateollisuus Glass and Cheramic Industry
Drying of sand and brickworks
Building dryers
Glass ovens

Kuljetus ja merenkulku Transportation and Shipping
Steam and hot water boilers in ships
Heating of tanks
Sludge utilisation in ships
Asphalt drums
Heating of train carriages

Paperi- ja kemianteollisuus Paper and Chemical Industry
Producing of process steam
Cooking of cellulose
Different chemical industrial processes

Oilfields Oilfields
Heating of oil pipes,
steam injection into oil well

Muut sovellukset Other Applications
Incineration of different waste
Ignition burners Sludge burning equipment
Incineration of animal remains
Utilisation of tall oil