Two new water chillers for Europe's largest lake-source cooling plant


Oilon supplies two large water chillers to Kaupinoja district cooling plant of Tampereen Sähkölaitos. The plant, located on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, is Europe's largest district cooling plant based on lake-source cooling.


Oilon takes care of supplying, installing and commissioning two new water chillers with its auxiliary equipment. Oilon is also in charge of the maintenance of the existing chillers and those to be delivered. At the plant, completed in 2017, there are already two operational water chillers supplied by Oilon, with a cooling power of 3.5 and 6.5 MW. Due to two new 6.5 MW water chillers, the capacity of machine-produced cooling increases to 23 megawatts.


– We are preparing to respond to the growing demand for district cooling that will be further increased by new construction projects in Tampere. As the plant's capacity increases, we are able to produce cooling in an even more energy-efficient way, says Kari Wessman, Project Manager at Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy.


Allekirjoitus Kaupinoja

Senior Vice President, Energy at Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy Antti-Jussi Halminen and Chief Business Officer Martti Kukkola who is in charge of Oilon's industrial heat pumps and water chillers are delighted to sign a new supply agreement. Picture: Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy. 


 New water chillers are put into operation in June 2019.


Highly energy-efficient lake-source cooling


The Kaupinoja district cooling plant is based largely on free cooling, utilizing cold lake water. During the warm season, the cooling power of lake water alone is not enough, so cooling produced by large compressor water chiller units is also required. However, most of the cooling energy comes from the lake. Kari Wessman has calculated that about 80 % of the annual cooling energy has come from Lake Näsijärvi.




The Kaupinoja district cooling plant of Tampereen Sähkölaitos is located on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, from which it receives most of the cooling needed.  


 Cooling equipment utilizes climate-friendly ammonia as a refrigerant that does not cause any greenhouse gas emissions. The cooling system is fully automatic, and the unmanned cooling plant is controlled by the Lielahti power plant of Tampereen Sähkölaitos.


– I am glad that we can carry out this highly energy-efficient district cooling system together with Tampereen Sähkölaitos. The Kaupinoja plant is a fine example of a centralized district cooling solution in all its aspects. People in Tampere are now getting really energy-efficient cooling”, says Oilon's Chief Business Officer Martti Kukkola.


See our reference video from Kaupinoja.




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