Boost the efficiency of your old burner system.

Through modernization of the old combustion system
• system reliability is improved
• operating costs and environmental impacts are reduced.

In Oilon’s customer service, our expert on combustion technology and modernizations plans the renovation of your combustion system according to your needs. The system can be either completely new or only parts of the system can be updated in order to improve its functioning. We modernize, among others, burners, valve fittings, automation and fuel systems.

Consulting, project management and installation supervision

We offer emission analysis services that comply with the new Industrial Emissions Directive.

Oilon customer service has know-how, skills and long-term experience with combustion technology and combustion systems. We provide expert consulting on fuel, combustion and burner systems for various sites.

The planning, execution, commissioning and inspection of new or modernization sites is a long-term process. A successful outcome requires management of all aspects. As the manufacturer of the equipment, Oilon knows the technology and equipment in every detail. If needed, we take care of the project planning and bring in the experience acquired on countless commissioning sites. In addition, you can order equipment and system installation supervision as a separate service.